czwartek, 30 września 2010

Buy from me-offer for polish readers only

Tego posta pisze po polsku gdyz dotyczy jedynie polskich czytelniczek mojego bloga.Z boku pojawil sie nowy gadzet-odnosnik do mojej nowej strony gdzie mozecie nabyc moje ubrania, buty i inne.Dzis tylko informacja o tym.Postaram sie uzupelnic w ciagu kilku dni nowa strone poniewaz mam mase rzeczy, ktore poszukuja nowej szafy.

Zobacz co mozesz nabyc juz teraz tutaj

Pozdrawiam Lidka

Coming soon to me:)

Did I already write about my love to wedges shoes???Don't think so.
The true is that YES I LOVE WEDGES.I do not feel comfortable wearing high heels and wedges are my substitube of some more iches up.I love only those high, cause they have that special unique and fashion look.I wrote few days ago about my plans to buy saome new stuff and I just did it.I loved asos shoes( few post down) but I was so afraid about heel high that I decided to purchased 3 pairs of wedges instead.:)I hope they will be same as pictures shows.
I have purchased also sth from asos.Pictures here.Cannot wait to have it home!!!

wtorek, 28 września 2010

I like changes

I changed my hair today.I was thinking about it for so long but always got a conclusion that I have to grow my hair first.But today I just woke up and felt that this is a good day to try.So I took the scissors and....cut a fringe.
It maybe doesn't look so stunning as it should because I still have one side of the head shaved, so this side is now shorter.But it will be easy now to grow it because it is covered:) After taking pictures I cut some more hair on the other side to erase the difference.I like it and you???

I am showing today for a first time my longline jacket.I bought it recently.I like its style and I wish I could wear it with a simple white shirt (but I don't have any) ,so it would looks almost like a smoking.But the white body is also okey.

Good news is that I plan to buy some garments at maybe even this week.Can't wait.

longline jacket-Vila
necklace-River Island
feather earrings-Allegro

poniedziałek, 27 września 2010

Another rainy day

It is raining again.Raining... stops.. raining...stops again... raining...No plans for walking or visiting the town could have been made.It will be a cinema and a dinner in chinese restaurant instead. Love free days!!!
And here is what I am wearing .Warm sweater under and a cape, which I love.Perfect for today.
See it here

sweater and tights-BikBok
 cape, handwarmers, belt, knee socks-H&M

piątek, 24 września 2010

Show me your belly

Unfortunately It is raining today so we decided to take pictures home again.
Here they are.I must run to work so ...

open shoulder sweater-Freequent
jewellery-I do not remember

czwartek, 23 września 2010

In da house

I was again trying to work with my camera and I think I figured it out how to make better pictures.Here they are.Hope tomorrow my Husband will help me with that.Today it's a simple outfit but as you have noticed I like to keep it simple.
Have a good day


shoes-Zara Special Edition
necklace-River Island

środa, 22 września 2010


I wanted to take some nice pictures but it is a disaster to do it yourself. I was trying my best, but my camera must not like me and didn't want to cooperate.Anyway I download those pics, which I think are good enough to show what I am wearing today.It is really comfortable outfit and sexy at the same time.Feels great!!Hope you like it:)


sweater-Vero Moda
shoes ad watch-Stradivarius