poniedziałek, 11 października 2010

Geek in the office

Finally I have a look to post.I wanted to wear something completely different and got pissed off  because clothes I wanted to put on are in Oslo now!!!Jesus!!So this outfit was just easy set together by taking out items from the wardrobe with no plan.
Glasses are from my latest asos shopping.I like them a lot and even plan to buy one more but more square shape.Just need to find the perfect pair.I rolled up fake leather trousers such as they might be worn as longer bermuda style, or shorts.
Here is the look...

shirt-Vero Moda
fake leather shorts-New Yorker
tie-second hand
trench coat-Atmosphere

5 komentarzy:

  1. o, w NY takie fajne gatki? muszę się tam przejść :)

  2. Kupilam je jakis miesiac temu wiec moze jeszcze nadal sa.One sa normalnie dluzsze Tutaj sa podwiniete:)

  3. OMG! divine outfit!! I am a big fan of ties maybe that's why I love this one so much!!
    It looks gorgeous with shorts, and simple grey shirt. And the coat is just beautiful..
    You look really nice! ;)