wtorek, 5 października 2010


I promised to my husband that I will not buy anything until the end of the month and I will try to not to, but it will be hard.
Yesterday was the last October shopping which I show to you guys below.
About the items.

I was dreaming about high waist leather pants, loose fit, which might roll up and  I found them yesterday.
I just hope it fits on me because the size on the labels says 6  which is too small to me, but at the same time measurements says that it is my size.
I liked ones presented by Mango on their side -but it costs a lot so I was trying to find a substitute.
Those are vintage so I count on individual style.

Item number two is off shoulder kimono dress.Looks gorgeous and  and so unique!!!I hope I will feel comfortable in maxi length since I do not have anything similar.

Item number three is ...shoes.What a surprise.
I always liked Jeffrey Campbell studded platform, but they were not available in any shop.I found them yesterday on www.nelly.com .The price is affordable but not for me  who like to buy a lot and this would be a huge financial effort, especially because I've shop some things last week and yesterday. I could save money for them , of course but I know that they will be soon out of stock so there was no point. Instead I found a similar once on www.melba.se Those are not original, made in china or sth of course but for me it doesn't matter.I like fashion which is cheap and available for all.

Now I can only wait for my items...

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  1. Mam nadzieje ze na zywo beda tak samo dobrze wygladac:)

  2. oh I'd die for those shoes :D congratualtions on your purchases :)
    very lovely blog btw!


    hope you come visit/follow me :)

  3. ooohh drooling over your purchases. love that leather trousers!! and the jc lookalikes are hot too!! can´t wait to see you wear them!

    xoxo Mode Junkie

  4. Love your purchases! : )


  5. love the shoes and the dress.xx


  6. A little bit of japanese style in this post!
    How much is the ,,dress" or should I write kimono?
    Great choice of clothes to buy!