wtorek, 19 października 2010

Today's shopping

I finally found Jessica Simpson Dany platform in tan colour in my size.It will fly to me from US:) I would maybe prefere  them in black, I am not sure, but didn't find any.Sometimes I like more this tan colour and the other day I prefer black as more basic and universal.I know there is winter and I will probably wear them in few months but I didn't want to loose the chance to buy them.Bargains don't wait!!!
I also found some items on www.topshop.com .It is long black skirt, wide legs trousers in grey and also oversize beltet jacket.

Check my today's shopping here

3 komentarze:

  1. Wow! You bought a lot today!! :) :)
    I love a jacket!!! :)

  2. Buty mega ;d