czwartek, 21 października 2010

I have a jumper full of holes

As the title says I have such a jumper.When I saw it in the shop I was wondering how to wear it. but now I have no choice, I need to wear something under, cause it is cold.Close to spring and summer I am gonna find another way to make this holes more visible.Believe me-it looks best with naked skin only:)

I received my look-a-like Jeffrey Campbell wedges from .They look great, almost same as real skin and are very comfy.I am still waiting for rest of my items.Hope they are coming soon..

leather trousers-Fransa
earrings-random shop in Warsaw

4 komentarze:

  1. Wszystko cudne! Jakbyś się kiedyś pozbywała, to zaklepuję ;)

  2. i like your blog. you're cute. you look like a hard rocking rockstar. <3.

  3. Cudne buty.. I zgadzam się z Kattą..trochę rockowo ;)